Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club of Seattle, WA

Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club

Seattle, Washington

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Welcome to the official, original website of the
Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club
one of Seattle's oldest motorcycle clubs 

Early Jolly Rogers The Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club has a rich history and once numbered 100 including a woman's division and a motorycle stunt-and-drill team that rode white Harleys in the Seattle Seafair parade.  For many years the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club owned and operated one of the only large oval dirt tracks and hill climb track in the surrounding area. This site is dedicated to preserving the rich history of the club.  Our History page includes many old pictures and articles dating back to the very early years of the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club.  Check out our Jolly Blog for even more Jolly history.
What's New: 
Toward the end of its existence, the Jolly Rogers racetrack was gradually expanded and converted from Scrambles to Motocross. Available pictures and videos from that era are increasingly hard to find. We solicit any who wish to contribute to make them available for posting. Please contact us at:

History:  Check out the latest addition to the History Page, "The Hill from Hell"  parts 1 & 2.

Feature Article Be sure to check out the current Feature Article, “Benny the Bug” - Ron Bennett

The one true original Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club website has obtained the copyrights to display legendary Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club member and past club president, Carmen Tom's book book titled "Yesterday's Memories Tomorrow's Dreams". Check it out on the Jolly Blog.  Make sure you check out chapters "50 Years and the Jolly Roger Motorcycle Club" and "The Old Timers go mountain climbing".  Both make references to lifetime club member "the Great Seymour (Bob) and longtime members Ron Bennett and Slimbo, many times referenced throughout this website.

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Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club
Seattle, Washington - 206 244-4563 -

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