Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club of Seattle, WA

Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club

Seattle, Washington

Ride On Carmen Tom

by The Great Seymour

Ride on Carmen Tom85 year old Carmen Tom, a native of Britton, South Dakota: Long revered in the motorcycle community and longtime member of the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club, spent the majority of his life in its pursuit (motorcycles AND the community). Likeable and friendly to most, he frequently took time to chuckle it up with visitors to his shop.

Beginning in 1958 from his business zoned house on Empire Way (now Martin Luther King Way) in Seattle, he sold Jawa motorcycles from his single car garage. Eventually, he built a showroom in his front yard which went on to replace his house. He had all manner of dealerships including Mustang, Simplex, Suzuki, Maico, Bultaco, Clymer's Indian, Triumph, BSA, and finally Harley Davidson.

His fame was bolstered by being graced with a full page write up in the Seattle Times. Approaching old age, he turned the Harley dealership over to his son Russell who bought property in Tukwila and moved it there. Known as DownTown Harley: It continues today in Renton.

Carmen’s love for motorcycles and their riders saw him frequently at the shop jawboning with his fans.

Little able to ride, he still keeps many motorcycles in his garage, just so he can look at them. He has a Chinese Army sidecar rig, Velocette, Panther, Ural, BMW, Royal Enfield, and many Harley's. An avid Bible reader, it’s easy to imagine what his heaven will be like. Ride on, Carmen.