Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club of Seattle, WA

Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club

Seattle, Washington

Home Movies

The Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club Race Track Circa 1970-1972
Home movies taken by long time Jollies members the Seymour's
and converted to web format by long time Jollies member "Fingers" DeHan

Update 10/22/2010: Here you will see probably some of the oldest video footage of early races at the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club Race Track. The Jollies club race track was famous as being one of the best in the northwest and races were well attended. The videos here are converted from old Super 8 home movies taken by long time Jollies' member and previous club Custodian & Sgt-at-Arms, CJ Seymour and featuring "Life" time Jollies' member and previous Sec/Tres for approx 20 years, "the Great Seymour" racing along with his son David and Ron Bennett JR both long time club members.

The Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club race track was located at just below Military Road and south of 216th in Kent, WA. Almost all the races featured here in these videos are from that location.

The "Great Seymour" can be seen racing in most of these videos riding the red 501 Maico. There are also some of him on his black 360 Yamaha MX. He is also seen racing in the 200 class on a blue, bored out Honda SL100. In the videos long time Jollies member Ron Bennett JR can be seen riding a 500 BSA MX with an aluminum gas tank and Seymour's son David Seymour riding a yellow Yamaha 100 MX.

One of the highlights of racing at the Jolly's track was making the turn around the tree at the north end. The fastest way around was to ride well up on the 6 foot berm and then jump back down on the track. Another joy was drifting through the sweeper preceding it.

As the process to convert these movies into a web format is a lengthy process please check back often as the library of footage grows. Enjoy!

Home Movie 1
7:25 min
Notice "the Great Seymour" taking
a spill around 3:08 min.
Home Movie 2
7:37 min
Home Movie 3
9:52 min
Home Movie 4
20:11 min
Home Movie 5
15:25 min
Home Movie 6
18:50 min
Notice the side car races about 18 min.
Home Movie 7
20:02 min
Home Movie 8
20:09 min
Home Movie 9
18:01 min
Home Movie 10
9:38 min
Home Movie 11
15.:24 min
Home Movie 12
15.:09 min
Home Movie 13
14:48 min
Home Movie 14
15:54 min
Home Movie 15
17:50 min

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