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WASCO - Richard Wascher

Wasco (Richard Wascher) supported the Jolly Rogers club grounds for many decades. His racing career began as a minibike terror in the mid 60’s. Like Mickey Fay and other local notables, he improved his riding skills and daring on our track, which eventually saw him racing professionally. His love for risk and adventure brought him many injuries including breaking his back three times.

He supported his fellow racers by providing them his skill as a fabricator making and repairing motorcycle frames, which was highlighted by an experiment in association with Roger Stanley and Mickey Fay. Wasco made a racing frame and Roger hopped the newly manufactured Honda XL500 engine, which was designed as a dual sport ride. Mickey raced it at the Houston Astrodome to a win its first time out.

In order to raise compression, Wasco built up the top of the piston with weld. The heat of caused the piston skirts to collapse, exceeding their clearance to the cylinder. The cure involved hydraulically pressing them back into shape. When Honda arrived to investigate, they were amazed by this backyard success.

As age and injuries reduced his racing acumen, he continues to use his fame and frame fabricating skills in his business to serve international motorcycling customers.

Wasco Frame Service Inc.
4803 Harbor View Dr NE
Tacoma, WA 98422
Ph 253-927-0669

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