Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club of Seattle, WA

Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club

Seattle, Washington


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Lila Bulen

Because he loved motorcycles, and because she loved him, Ken and Lila Bulen were part of the founding members of the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club, that also contributed to purchasing the club grounds on 216th South in Kent Washington. In support of his interest, she teamed with him hosting events and volunteering in the role that was created for her: “Publicity Director”.

As such, she not only promoted races on the club grounds, but sent the results to the newspapers, particularly the Seattle P.I. The close association with that paper developed the P.I. Christmas Fund Scrambles, a heavily attended charity event lending to the Jolly Rogers fame. The club’s respect was sufficient to even enable her to get Washington’s governor to attend an annual club banquet. The club’s value was well known and respected in those days, in large part as a result of her efforts.

After Ken’s passing, her interest in the club went with him. Having recently turned 100 years old, she represents a life well lived, and says “That’s a good thing.”

Update: Lila Bulen passed away February 16, 2016. She was 102 years old.

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