Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club of Seattle, WA

Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club

Seattle, Washington


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Fred Bare

Fred Bare enjoys the highest seniority active membership of the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club. His life membership extends far back into the 50’s when he used to race an English Francis Barnett scrambler on our grounds. His riding style stood out from his competition and was reflected in his personality where he approached the track in a deliberate, upright manner.

Notorious for his frugal nature and affection for thrift shops, he dropped out of racing contention because he was unwilling to spend more money on a newer and better ride. “I already have a race bike.” When the valve mechanism failed on his road Indian his solution was to turn the top of the piston off in the non functioning cylinder and run it as a single.

An avid fan of Indian, he maintained a small collection of the brand. One notable achievement involved dropping an Indian engine into an old Matchless frame.

Always loyal to the club and its existence, he has served for years as its secretary and recently struggled with admitting children and mothers as members to prevent it’s implosion. As the club ascended to its present form concerned with closed social gatherings and road riding, he has maintained his loyalty to comply with its new form. Although he no longer rides, he enjoys being treated with the respect due a senior member.

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